Returns Management

The Xcess Trading testing facility


Xcess Trading acquired a refurbishment business in 2017 and this allowed us to create a fully operational expert End to End Process.

  • Stock Verification
  • State of the art warehouse management system that allows us to data wipe, test and grade returned stock
    - Blancco data erasure for computing & IT equipment
    - Blackbelt for smart phones & tablets
    - Checkmend for smartphones
  • Resell Stock using our experience and expertise to ensure the best return value on stock for all our suppliers.

Our Circular Economy

According to studies by the Circularity Gap over 90% of the world’s resources – which include metals, plastics, wood, concrete, chemicals and all other materials in circulation – are used only once, in a single product, before becoming waste. If you look at the consumer electronics and technology sectors, smartphones & laptops are updated every 12 months. As part of our ongoing commitment to become more sustainable, Xcess offers our retailers, distributors and brands the ability to redistribute and refurbish returned products. This, therefore, reduces the single use and throw away culture that fast-paced product launches & retail returns can create.

Our ability to verify stock, manifesting its EAN, grade, description and volume allows us to then start the process of data erasing & functionality-testing a product. With an in-house team of qualified engineers, we have the ability to repair smartphones & computing products by parts harvesting from beyond economical repair items. This helps to reduce the waste & also improves the yield of stock put back into a saleable condition.

Once products have passed their verification & testing process, we can begin to grade & repackage stock based on the best channels for its resale. Our resale channels include both business to consumer (B2C) and also business to business (B2B). Our goal is to be able to offer tested, working products to our customers with a guarantee on the condition & the functionality of the product.

Read more about how circular economy is changing business.

Xcess Trading's circular economy

Blackbelt smartphone defence

Check MEND

Blancco Logo

Buying Stock

Looking to buy Stock – Trade with Confidence

Xcess Trading only represents stock which is from top retailers, manufacturers & distributors so that we can be confident in its source. The majority of our stock is from the UK and will always be based here at the time of sale. However, we are growing into EMEA & welcome buyers from outside the UK who are looking for products to contact us.

The trade industry in the UK is competitive and getting access to stock can be tough. Xcess Trading Ltd works with our customers to ensure a consistent supply of desirable goods, at prices unavailable via the normal channels.

Categories we cover:

  • Consumer electronics (audio, accessories etc)
  • Computing (including new & refurbished)
  • Gaming (consoles and accessories)
  • Mobile Phones (new & refurbished)
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Toys & Games
  • Small domestic appliances
  • Personal care

We offer credit accounts for customers (based on a credit check) and we can also hold stock for our customers.

The Xcess Trading Fulfilment Centre

Logistics & Warehousing

Warehouse and logistics


Xcess Trading’s state-of-the-art warehousing facilities have the capacity to contain and distribute all of your stock and orders with speed, efficiency and expert execution. We can be agile with changing demands and different channels.

Our national distribution centre is based in Stafford.

  • We can hold in excess of 500 pallets
  • We have a state of the art Warehouse Management System (serial number & IMEI tracking)
  • We can pick and pack to end users via UPS for consumer sales
  • Logistics services - UK and Europe
  • Labelling services - relabelling and splitting shipments (including bespoke packaging

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